The email app on the iPhone usually works well with most email service providers. However, mailbox updates can be prevented for several reasons, including system configuration conflicts, software-related issues, and differences in email protocols.

Therefore, if you encounter the problem that your iPhone emails are not updated, the following solutions and suggestions should help you fix it.

IPhone email icon

Perform a manual update

Have you tried updating your email on your iPhone? Drag your finger to the bottom of the screen and release when the spinning wheel appears. This will cause the app to start communicating with the mail server.

Updating the Mail app will also help you manually refresh your mailbox with an account that uses fetch instead of push (more on that later).

Drag the email app down with your finger

Kill mail and restart

If updating the mail app doesn’t resolve the issue, try killing and restarting instead. This often helps solve strange technical problems with apps on the iPhone.

To kill the email app, perform a gesture that swipes up from the bottom of the iPhone screen.Then drag Post Insert and remove the app card from the app switcher. Then restart the app.

Drag your email card up

Check the notification settings

If the issue is related to email app notifications, setting App and selection notification >> >> Post.. Next, notification settings (Alert, soundWhen badge) It is set as you want.

You also need to check the notification settings for each account (tap) Custom notification)and VIP setting I haven’t overridden them.

Customization of notification screen

Check cellular data settings

If you can’t update your email when the email app is using data on your mobile phone, you need to make sure that your iPhone’s mobile bandwidth usage isn’t banned.

To do this setting App and selection Cellular..Then scroll down the app and turn on the switch next to it Post..

Cellular> Email turned on ” class =”wp-image-13911″ srcset =” 828w, -300×245.png 300w,×627.png 768w, / 2021/09/image-43-610×498.png 610w,×50.png 61w” sizes =”(max-width: 828px) 100vw, 828px”/></figure>
<h2>Disable low data mode (cellular and Wi-Fi)</h2>
<p>Apple has introduced a low data mode in iOS 13 to save bandwidth on Wi-Fi and cellular networks. However, this feature may also limit internet-related activity in apps such as email. Therefore, check your Wi-Fi or cellular settings and try turning them off.</p>
<h4><strong>Disable low data mode – Wi-Fi</strong></h4>
<p>Move to <strong>setting </strong>>> >> <strong>Wifi </strong>Tap <strong>information </strong>The icon next to the active Wi-Fi connection.Then turn off the switch next to it <strong>Low data mode</strong>..</p>
<h4><strong>Disable low data mode – cellular</strong></h4>
<p>Move to <strong>setting </strong>>> >> <strong>Cellular </strong>>> >> <strong>Cellular data options</strong> Turn off the switch on the side <strong>Low data mode</strong>..</p>
<div class=
Low data mode disabled

Disable low power mode

Similarly, try disabling low power mode. This is another feature that negatively impacts your email app by reducing various background activities on your iPhone.To do this, go to setting >> >> battery Turn off the switch on the side Low power mode..

Low power mode disabled

Turn the plane on and off

You can also switch between airplane modes to fix potential connectivity issues that prevent you from updating your email app.To do this, open your iPhone setting Turn on the app and the switch next to it Airplane mode.. Then wait up to 10 seconds before turning off the power.

If you are using Wi-Fi, you can also renew your IP lease or soft reset your router.

Airplane mode turned on

Change domain name server

For Wi-Fi connections, changing DNS (Domain Name Server) to a popular service such as Google DNS may fix additional issues related to the connection.

To do that, first setting >> >> Wifi..Then tap information Click the icon next to the active Wi-Fi connection and click Configure DNS >> >> manual.. Then enter and save the following DNS address:

[DNSの構成]DNS address entered in the window

For cellular connections, you can only change the DNS server by using a third-party app such as DNS Override.

Restart your iPhone

Turning off and restarting your iPhone is another viable fix that helps solve app-specific issues.

To do this, go to setting >> >> Universal >> >> shut down Drag Power The icon on the right. After the iPhone shuts down completely ~ side Press the button to restart.

Slide to turn off the screen

Check your email settings

Email providers can update their email using push or fetch. However, if the option is specified, the account must be set to push. This prompts the mail server to “push” the mail, rather than the iPhone trying to “fetch” the mail. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to double-check your email update settings.

To do that, first setting >> >> Post >> >> account >> >> Get new data.. Then tap your email service provider and push.. Or, if you’re having trouble with a particular mailbox only, you can tap it to set it as a push mailbox.

If push isn’t supported (as in Gmail), set: fetch.. Next, you need to select the update frequency for the fastest possible setting —Every 15 minutes.. If you want to update your email even faster, you’ll need to manually update your email app.

Get new data every 15 minutes selected

Delete the account and add it again

You can also delete the problematic account that refuses to renew and add it again. This should help resolve issues where the configuration is incorrect or corrupted.

To do this, go to setting >> >> Post >> >> account Tap the account you want to delete.

Tap to follow Delete account..

Delete account button

next, Add an account Select an option and run the setup process from the beginning. If you are trying to configure your email service provider using, be sure to select the correct protocol (IMAP or POP). other setting.

Update iPhone

Bugs and bugs in the iPhone system software may also prevent the email app from updating emails. Therefore, to update iOS immediately, setting >> >> Universal >> >> Software update..

Settings> General> Software Update ” class =”wp-image-13919″ srcset =” 828w, -300×287.png 300w,×735.png 768w, //2021/09/image-51-610×583.png 610w,×50.png 52w” sizes =”(max-width: 828px) 100vw, 828px”/></figure>
<h2>Reset network settings</h2>
<p>Resetting the network settings will help fix the underlying connectivity issue in your email app. </p>
<p>To do this <strong>setting </strong>App and tap <strong>Universal </strong>>> >> <strong>Transfer or reset iPhone</strong> >> >> <strong>reset</strong>.. next, <strong>Reset network settings</strong>..</p>
<div class=
General> iPhone Transfer or Reset> Reset> Reset Network Settings.” class =”wp-image-13920″ srcset =” 1024w, -52-300×213.png 300w,×545.png 768w, /uploads/2021/09/image-52-1536×1089.png 1536w,×432.png 610w, https: // www×50.png 71w, 2048w” sizes =”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/></figure>
<p>You will need to manually reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and follow the reset network settings. Then kill the mail app and reopen it to see if the problem reoccurs.</p>
<h2>Reinstall the mail app</h2>
<p>Email is part of the iPhone stock app portfolio, but you can reinstall it just like any other app. This provides a blank slate to set up your email account from scratch and avoid permanent issues with your current installation.</p>
<p>To remove the mail app <strong>setting </strong>>> >> <strong>Universal </strong>>> >> <strong>iPhone storage </strong>>> >> <strong>Post </strong>Tap <strong>Delete app</strong>..</p>
<div class=
App offload button and app delete button

Then re-download the email app from the App Store. Then launch it and sign in to your email account. Of course, you can always set up additional accounts by visiting the following URL: setting >> >> Post >> >> account..

Is the email app still updating your email?

If your email app continues to fail to update your mailbox, it’s likely due to an issue you’re out of control, so it’s a good idea to contact your email service provider.

Alternatively, you can consider switching to an email client that is related to the email service provider itself, such as Gmail or Outlook, and see if that gives good results.

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