The MacBook offers excellent battery life and can typically be used from medium to large quantities for a day on a single charge. Still, intensive tasks and non-optimized apps can quickly drain your battery, so it’s important to monitor your remaining charge regularly. But with macOS Big Sur, that’s not easy.

If you’ve just upgraded from macOS Catalina, you’ll soon notice that there’s no battery percentage indicator in your Mac’s menu bar. There is a familiar battery icon, but it doesn’t provide an accurate image and can often be misleading to you.

How to display battery percentage in macOS Big Sur

View Battery Percentage on macOS Big Sur

Even if you remove the battery percentage indicator from the menu bar, macOS Big Sur allows you to see the remaining charge as a percentage.choose Battery icon Grow Battery status Click the menu to see the information in the first line. But that’s not something you always want to repeat.

Battery icon and remaining percentage

Fortunately, you can go back to displaying the percentage indicator on the Mac menu bar itself. Before macOS Catalina,[バッテリーステータス]On the menu[パ​​ーセンテージを表示]It includes a toggle that allows you to easily enable or disable this feature. However, macOS Big Sur embeds it deep in the System Preferences pane.

Here’s how to display the battery percentage in the macOS Big Sur menu bar:

1. Open Apple menu Choose System Preferences..

Apple Menu System Preferences

2. Select the labeled option Dock & menu bar..

System Preferences Dock and Menu Bar

3. Scroll the sidebar to the left and[バッテリー

4.横のチェックボックスをオンにします パーセンテージを表示


The battery percentage indicator appears immediately to the left of the battery icon in your Mac’s menu bar.

Percentage indicator next to the battery icon

There are third-party apps that can help you add more battery-related details to the menu bar. Check the list below.

Other battery-related additions and changes in macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur comes with an iPhone-like control center that groups options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and silent. This helps reduce the complexity of the menu bar.

You can add battery icons and percentage indicators to the Control Center as needed. To do this Displayed in Control Center Options in System Preferences >> >> Dock & menu bar >> >> battery..You can also uncheck it Displayed in the menu bar Remove them from the menu bar.

Menu control center icon

In addition, macOS Big Sur has abolished Catalina’s Energy Saver setting and instead comes with its own battery pane. Battery settings From the battery status menu. Like the iPhone, it also provides battery-related usage statistics for the last 24 hours and 10 days.

Battery usage history in battery settings

To access the old Energy Saver settings (Sleep, Power Nap, etc.) battery, Power adapterWhen Schedule side Tabs in the battery settings pane.

An app that displays the battery percentage and remaining time

Third-party battery apps can not only display the battery percentage in the macOS Big Sur menu bar, but also provide quick access to more battery-related information. Here are three such programs that are worth a look at:

  • Coconut battery
  • Battery medic
  • Simple battery monitor

Note: If you choose one of these apps, you can always disable the stock battery icon and percentage indicator to keep your Mac’s menu bar uncluttered.

Coconut battery

coconutBattery provides a lot of insights into the battery status of your MacBook. It displays the number of cycles, health status, temperature, full charge and design capacity, date of manufacture, and more. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. You can also get a similar set of details by switching to. iOS device tab.

coconutBattery app

In addition, you can paste the coconut Battery into the menu bar itself.Open the coconut battery Environmental settingSwitch to, Universal Click the tab and select the check box next to it Run coconutBattery in the background and display the information in the menu bar..

coconut Battery settings

By default, coconutBattery adds a percentage indicator to the menu bar. Instead, you can display the remaining time, charge cycle, wattage, etc. by inserting the relevant parameters into. format Field-The icon next to it shows a list of them.

again, Show price icon If you want the battery icon to appear next to the percentage indicator (or anything else you have configured to display).

Show price icon

After adding the coconut Battery to the menu bar, you can select it to display additional battery information (time remaining, temperature, cycle count, etc.) in a menu format.

Battery medic

The Battery Medic launches directly in the Mac’s menu bar itself and displays a colored battery icon and percentage indicator by default. You can select the icon to view many additional information such as time remaining, battery status, charge cycle, and more.

Battery medic app

If desired, you can add the remaining battery time to the menu bar itself.Open the Battery Medic menu and select Environmental settingSelect the check box next to Show battery time..

Show battery time in checkbox

In addition, you can use the slider below to choose to receive notifications when the battery charge level reaches the upper or lower threshold. Low battery notification When Full battery notification..

Simple battery monitor

As the name implies, Simple Battery Monitor is much simpler than coconut Battery or Battery Medic. The MacBook menu bar shows the battery status icon, percentage indicator, and time remaining. You can also choose to quickly see the number of charge cycles, but that’s it.

For customization, you can choose to disable or enable the percentage indicator using. Show percentage Switch within SimpleBatteryMonitor setting Submenu.

Accuracy is important, Apple

Visually, macOS Big Sur is more consistent and less cluttered than previous versions. That said, Apple went too far by removing the battery percentage indicator. But as you just knew, you don’t have to do much to get it back. That said, if you’re investing in extending your Mac’s battery life, apps like coconut Battery and Battery Medic will give you more battery-related information.

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