Backing up and restoring files on Apple devices via iCloud is easy. But what if you need to download or export files from iCloud Backup to a non-Apple device? This is a simple process, but the steps may vary from device to device.

You may need to download backup files to other devices or free up iCloud storage space. Learn how to download backups from iCloud on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Downloading backup icon

Download iCloud backup from the web

This is one of the easiest ways to download iCloud backup files to your computer or mobile device. However, keep in mind that the only file types that can be downloaded from the iCloud web platform are photos, contacts, and iCloud Drive files from the web.

Download backups to Mac and PC via iCloud Web

  1. Go to the iCloud website ( in your device’s web browser and sign in to your iCloud account.
  2. Select the category of iCloud backup files to download. for example, Note Download all iCloud backup notes, or Photo Download iCloud Photos.
iCloud screen
  1. Select an album in the left sidebar, select the photos you want to download, download Menu bar icon.
Album and download icons in the left sidebar

Press to download all the photos in your backup Instructions + A (For Mac) or Control + A (For Windows) Select the entire library.Then select Download icon Located in the menu bar. iCloud compresses your photos into a downloadable ZIP file.

  1. To download contacts to iCloud storage, go back to the iCloud homepage or expand the iCloud menu[連絡先
  1. ダウンロードする連絡先を選択し、左下隅にある歯車のアイコンを選択して、 vCardをエクスポートする。 ブラウザは、連絡先をVCF(vCard)形式でコンピュータにダウンロードします。
  1. iCloudバックアップ内のすべての連絡先をダウンロードするには、を押します 指示 + A (Macの場合)または コントロール + A (Windowsの場合)すべての連絡先を選択します。 その後、を選択します 歯車アイコン 左下隅にあるを選択します vCardをエクスポートする 連絡先をダウンロードします。
歯車アイコン>vCardのエクスポート ” class=”wp-image-17266″  /></figure>
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  • iCloud Driveファイルにするには、 iCloudドライブ iCloud Webホームページで、ダウンロードするファイルが含まれているフォルダに移動します。 ファイルを選択し、をタップします アイコンをダウンロード メニューバーでローカルに保存します。
  • ファイルを選択し、ダウンロードアイコンをタップします


    WebブラウザでiCloud.comにアクセスし、iCloudアカウントにサインインして、ファイルカテゴリを選択します。 次に、ダウンロードするファイルを選択し、をタップします メニューアイコン 下隅にあるを選択します ダウンロード


    ドキュメント(PDFファイルなど)の場合は、 選択する 右上隅にあるファイルをタップし、 ダウンロード アイコン。

    >[ダウンロード]Choose” class =”wp-image-17270″ srcset =” 1024w, /wp-content/uploads/2022/05/09-download-a-backup-file-icloud-android-iphone-01-300×216.png 300w, 2022/05/09-download-a-backup-file-icloud-android-iphone-01-768×554.png 768w, -a-backup-file-icloud-android-iphone-01-320×231.png 320w, icloud-android-iphone-01-640×461.png 640w, -360×259.png 360w,×519.png 720w, https //×577.p  ng 800w,×440.png 610w, https: //×50.png 69w” sizes =”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/></figure>
<p>If you are using Chrome for iOS <strong>Open with</strong>,Choose <strong>Save to file</strong>..</p>
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    Open> Save to file” class =”wp-image-17271″ srcset =” 947w, https://www.switchingtomac .com / wp-content / uploads / 2022/05/10-download-a-backup-file-icloud-android-iphone-02-278×300.jpg 278w, uploads / 2022/05/10-download-a-backup-file-icloud-android-iphone-02-768×830.jpg 768w, -download-a-backup-file-icloud-android-iphone-02-320×346.jpg 320w, file-icloud-android-iphone-02-640×692.jpg 640w, -02-360×389.jpg 360w,×778.jpg 720w ,  00×865.jpg 800w,×659.jpg 610w, https: //×50.jpg 46w, /wp-content/uploads/2022/05/10-download-a-backup-file-icloud-android-iphone-02.jpg 1024w” sizes =”(max-width: 947px) 100vw, 947px”/></figure>
<h2>Download iCloud to Mac using iCloud Drive</h2>
<p>If your Mac computer has iCloud Drive enabled, you can download iCloud backups from the Finder.  Make sure your Mac is linked to the same Apple ID or iCloud account where the files are stored.</p>
<p>Open <strong>System Preferences</strong>select <strong>Apple ID</strong>Select iCloud in the sidebar, <strong>iCloud drive</strong> box.</p>
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    Apple ID> iCloud Drive ” class =”wp-image-17272″ srcset =” 1024w, /uploads/2022/05/11-enable-icloud-drive-mac-system-preferences-300×274.jpg 300w, icloud-drive-mac-system-preferences-768×701.jpg 768w,×292 .jpg 320w,×584.jpg 640w, https://www.switchingtomac .com / wp-content / uploads / 2022/05/11-enable-icloud-drive-mac-system-preferences-360×328.jpg 360w, 05/11-enable-icloud-drive-mac-system-preferences-720×657.jpg 720w, -system-preferences-800×730.jpg 800w,  wp-content / uploads / 2022/05/11-enable-icloud-drive-mac-system-preferences-610×556.jpg 610w, -enable-icloud-drive-mac-system-preferences-55×50.jpg 55w” sizes =”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/></figure>
<p>On Mac computers running macOS Mojave or earlier, <strong>System Preferences</strong> >> >> <strong>iCloud</strong> Enable <strong>iCloud drive</strong>..</p>
<p>This will download all iCloud backup data to your Mac and give you local access to your files. Depending on the size of the backup file and the connection speed, it may take minutes or hours to download all the backup files.</p>
<p>Open <strong>finder</strong> Choose <strong>iCloud drive</strong> A folder in the “iCloud” section of the sidebar.</p>
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    iCloud drive

    When you enable iCloud Drive, macOS will automatically download the iCloud backup file. If a file or folder has a cloud icon, it means that it is only available in the cloud.

    To download the backup file to your Mac Cloud icon Also Right click on the file Choose Downloading..


    If you want to delete the backup file from Mac, right click[ダウンロードを削除



    iCloud for Windowsを使用して、iCloudバックアップをPCまたは外部ストレージデバイスにエクスポートすることもできます。 Microsoft StoreまたはAppleのWebサイトからアプリをインストールし、以下の手順に従います。

    ノート: iCloud for Windowsでは、メディアファイル(写真、ビデオなど)とブラウザのブックマークのみをダウンロードできます。 もう1つ、iCloudをインストールすると、「iCloudPhotos」アプリもPCにインストールされます。 iCloudバックアップのメディアファイルをダウンロードするには、両方のアプリが必要です。

    1. iCloudを起動し、Apple IDアカウントのクレデンシャルを入力して、 ログイン
    1. を選択 iCloudドライブ写真 チェックボックス。 次に、 オプション 「写真」の横にあるボタンをクリックして、ダウンロードとアップロードのオプションをカスタマイズします。
    1. バックアップファイルをダウンロードするだけでよいので、チェックしてください iCloudフォトライブラリ新しい写真やビデオを私のPCにダウンロードする-選択する 終わり 続行します。
    iCloudフォトライブラリを確認し、新しい写真とビデオをPCにダウンロードします。[完了]Select to continue
    1. select application Choose near Close the iCloud Control Panel.
    1. Press Windows keyType iCloud In the search bar, iCloud photos It’s in the “Apps” section.
    iCloud photos
    1. select Download photos and videos Below the menu bar.
    Download photos and videos
    1. Select the folder that contains the photos or videos you want to download download Click the button to continue.
    Select 2 photos and download button

    Unlike iCloud on Apple devices, you can’t preview the backup file before downloading it. This is another drawback of iCloud for Windows.

    1. Double click download A folder that displays downloaded backup files.
    Download folder

    Depending on your connection speed and file size, iCloud may take a few minutes to download some (large) files.

    Download iCloud backup using a third party app

    Many apps allow users to download files from iCloud backups. These third party apps support downloading different types of files (notes, photos, images, contacts, calendars, etc.) from backups. In addition, you can preview the item before downloading it to your device.

    However, one of the major drawbacks is that third-party apps often require payment or subscription. Let’s see how to use two of these apps —iMyFoneD-Back When PhoneRescue-Download iCloud backup.

    Download iCloud backup using iMyFone D-Back ($ 49.95 / month)

    Install iMyFone D-Back iCloud Backup Extractor on your Windows or Mac computer and follow the steps below. To download iCloud backup files, you need to purchase the app or pay a subscription fee.

    1. Open the app and select Recover from iCloud In the sidebar, iCloud..
    Recover from iCloud> iCloud” class =”wp-image-17284″ srcset =” 1024w, / 2022/05/23-download-iphone-backup-icloud-data-300×170.jpg 300w, icloud-data-768×434.jpg 768w,×181.jpg 320w, https: //×362.jpg 640w, / 05/23-download-iphone-backup-icloud-data-360×204.jpg 360w, data-720×407.jpg 720w,×452.jpg 800w, https: // www.  -610×345.jpg 610w,×45.jpg 80w” sizes =”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/></figure>
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  • Sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID account credentials. Don’t worry, the app doesn’t keep your account details.
  • Sign in to iCloud

    If your account uses two-step verification, approve sign-in and enter the security code sent to your device.

    Security code screen

    Wait for the app to validate the security verification before proceeding to the next step.

    1. Select the checkbox next to the iCloud data category you want to recover or download.Even better, check it out select all Select all categories that contain backup scan After selecting a file category or multiple categories.
    [すべて]>[スキャン]Choose” class =”wp-image-17287″ srcset =” 1024w, / 2022/05/27-download-icloud-backup-mac-pc-300×186.jpg 300w, mac-pc-768×476.jpg 768w,×198.jpg 320w, https: //×397.jpg 640w, / 05/27-download-icloud-backup-mac-pc-360×223.jpg 360w, pc-720×446.jpg 720w,×496.jpg 800w, https: // www.×378.jpg 610w, https://www.switchingtomac  .com / wp-content / uploads / 2022/05/27-download-icloud-backup-mac-pc-80×50.jpg 80w, 27-download-icloud-backup-mac-pc-70×43.jpg 70w” sizes =”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/></figure>
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  • Select the data categories in the sidebar and select the files to download in each category.Then tap recovery Follow the prompts on the next page to download the selected file.
  • recovery

    Download iCloud backup using PhoneRescue ($ 49.99 / year)

    PhoneRescue is a relatively inexpensive alternative and also supports a variety of file types. You can view iCloud backup items in a free trial, but you need a subscription to download the files. Download PhoneRescue from the manufacturer’s website, install it on your Mac or PC, and follow the steps below.

    1. Open the PhoneRescue app and open Data recovery In the tab, Recover from iCloudSelect, go button.
    Open the PhoneRescue app, go to the
    1. Enter your Apple ID account credentials to sign in to iCloud.
    Sign in to iCloud
    1. If your account uses two-step verification, enter the code sent to your Apple device to enter it. all right..
    all right
    1. Select the category that contains the file you want to download.
    Select a category to restore content from iCloud
    1. Select a subcategory in the sidebar, select the file you want to download, download The button in the lower left corner.
    Download button

    iCloud apps, the web, or third-party apps: which is better?

    We recommend downloading iCloud backups from the iCloud website or Apple’s iCloud app. These are more secure than third party apps. Recovery tools can access personal data and sensitive files in iCloud backups. Use third-party apps only if you need to download certain file types that aren’t supported by Apple’s iCloud website or apps.

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