iOS uses several technologies and data, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and mobile phone information to locate you. Unfortunately, depending on your location, you may be blocked from using some iOS apps or accessing their features.

Learn how to forge your iPhone’s location to get around geographic restrictions and gain access to geographically blocked content. You can also do this to trick your friends into believing that you are in another country.

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How to forge your location on iPhone

There is no way to change the iPhone location natively within iOS, so you will need the help of a third party application. Virtual private networks (VPNs) can partially change the location of your iPhone, but excessive battery drain and heavy data consumption are two major drawbacks of VPN apps. In addition, VPN does not forge iPhone location on dating sites / apps, ride hailing apps, geoposition-based games, and more.

The tools listed below provide a semi-permanent solution with less adverse health effects on the device. It also impersonates the location of the device at the system level with the click of a button.

Note: The tools shown below can also forge GPS locations on your iPad. Before proceeding, we recommend that you use Finder (for Mac) or iTunes (for Windows) to back up your iPhone.

1. iTools (by ThinkSky)

Download the app setup file from the developer’s website and run the installation file as an administrator. The setup file is less than 1MB, but the installer wizard downloads the files needed for iTools to work properly. After installation, iTools will also install certain drivers (at least 100MB) on your device. Therefore, make sure your PC is connected to the internet before and after installing iTools.

  1. Launch iTools and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. You may need to unlock your iPhone for the app to detect your device.
  2. Toward Toolbox Click the tab to select Virtual location..
Toolbox> Virtual Location” class =”wp-image-14561″ srcset =” 1024w, / 02-fake-location-iphone-300×166.png 300w,×424.png 768w, https: / /×177.png 320w, 02-fake-location-iphone-640×353.png 640w,×199.png 360w, https: //×397.png 720w, -fake-location-iphone-800×441.png 800w,×337.png 610w, https: // www×44.png 80w” sizes =”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/></figure>
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  • choose Developer mode.. This will prompt iTools to download the Developer Disk Image file. This file needs to forge your location on your iPhone.
  • Developer mode selected

    Professional tips: If you get a “Failed to load developer image” error at this stage, restarting your computer should fix the problem.

    1. iTools[仮想ロケーション]When loading the map in the window, select a location or enter a city / address / country in the search bar. Select a location from the search results and go..
    Location entered in the search bar
    1. next, Move here On the map to stimulate the device to adopt fake locations.
    Move here button

    You’ll see a notification page recommending that iTools change the location of your iPhone once a minute. The app also warns you about switching to a location more than 100 meters away from your previous location. The purpose is to prevent certain apps from detecting that you are forging your location.

    1. select Taken I will continue.
    Safety reminder alert
    1. Close the virtual location window and No When asked to stop the simulation.
    No button

    If you remove or remove your iPhone from your computer, your iPhone will use a fake location.To use your actual location, restart your iPhone or go back to your virtual location map.[シミュレーションを停止します


    テストデバイス(iPhone 12 Pro)の場所をiToolsで何度も問題なく偽造することができました。 アプリは無料ですが、24時間のみです。 その後、ライセンスを購入するように求められます。

    1台のPCまたはMac用のiToolsプレミアムライセンスの価格は30.95ドルです。 複数のデバイスのカスタムライセンスを購入することもできます。

    このアプリには無料の試用版があり、iPhoneの位置を無制限に偽造できます。 ただし、2スポットモードやマルチスポットモードなどの機能を複数回使用するには、ライセンス(9.95ドルから)を購入する必要があります。 これらの高度な機能を使用すると、ルートをカスタマイズしたり、移動速度を変更したり、iPhoneを偽の場所と実際の場所の間を行ったり来たりするように設定できます。

    1. iPhoneをMacまたはPCに接続し、デバイスを選択して、 わかった
    1. シミュレートする偽の場所/住所を検索ボックスに入力し、結果から地域を選択します。
    1. 場所を確認して選択します 動く 続行します。
    1. iPhoneの位置を切り替える前に、ジオロケーションベースのアプリを閉じるように警告が表示されます。 デバイスの場所を使用している可能性のあるアプリをすべて閉じて、 動く 続行します。
    1. 右向きの矢印アイコンを選択し、「場所の変更」サイドバーで現在の場所を確認します。


    1. AnyToを閉じて、 直接終了する 偽の場所を使用します。 それ以外の場合は、 デバイスを再起動します 実際の場所の使用に戻ります。 iPhoneが再起動します。

    Dr.Fone Virtual Locationアプリは、WindowsコンピューターとmacOSコンピューターの両方で利用できます。 新規ユーザーはアプリを2時間無料で使用できます。その後、すべての制限を解除するには、サブスクリプション料金(月額$ 6から)を支払う必要があります。 Windows PCでアプリをセットアップする際にいくつかの問題が発生しましたが(おそらく、アプリがWindows 11用に十分に最適化されていないため)、macOSバージョンは完全に機能しました。

    1. iPhoneのロックを解除し、USBケーブルでMacに接続して、Dr.FoneVirtualLocationアプリを起動します。
    2. 選択する はじめに
    1. Select your iPhone and Next continue.
    Next button
    1. select Virtual location The dashboard of the app.
    Virtual location selected on the dashboard
    1. Select a location on the map or enter a location / address in the search box. Select a location from the search suggestions to continue.
    Location selected in the search bar
    1. You can also select the location directly on the Move here Continue with a pop-up box.
    Go here in a pop-up box

    This will immediately change the location of your iPhone to the virtual location set in the Dr.Fone Virtual Locations app. The device time and time zone will also change to reflect the new location. Continue to the next section to learn other ways to locate your iPhone.

    How to check the position of iPhone

    Those who have an iPhone

    After using any of these tools, you need to find out where your iPhone is new. It helps to see if they really forged the location of your iPhone. The location of the iPhone is iOS[設定]menu,[マイアプリを探す]Or you can check it from Apple Maps.

    1. Check the location of your iPhone from the settings menu

    When you change the location to a new country or region, iPhone will immediately adopt the date and time zone of the new location. Check your iPhone’s lock screen or status area to see if the time on your device reflects a fake location.

    or, setting Go to the app Universal >> >> Date Time..Fake locations are shown in Time zone line.

    General> Date and Time” class =”wp-image-14580″ srcset =” 952w, /uploads/2021/11/21-check-iphone-location-settings-menu-279×300.png 279w, location-settings-menu-768×826.png 768w,×344.png 320w, https: //×688.png 640w, / 2021/11/21-check-iphone-location-settings-menu-360×387.png 360w, settings-menu-720×774.png 720w,×860.png 800w, https: //  ion-settings-menu-610×656.png 610w,×50.png 47w, https: // 1024w” sizes =”(max-width: 952px) 100vw, 952px”/></figure>
<h4><strong>2. Use Find App to locate your iPhone</strong></h4>
<p>Launch the Find My iPhone app, select your iPhone in the Devices section, and you’ll see the location of your iPhone under the device name.</p>
<div class=
    Find your screen

    3. Check the location of your iPhone in Apple Maps

    Open Apple Maps and tap Blue circle / dot On the map, check your location / address information in the Details section.

    Blue dots in Apple Maps

    Restrictions on forging iPhone locations

    Some game apps and websites are frowned upon changing the location of their devices. It violates the terms of use. Using fake locations may ban or restrict your account on such apps and websites. It is also important to note that it is illegal to change the location of someone else’s device without your consent.

    Finally, keep in mind that forging the GPS location of your iPhone does not change the country of your iTunes or Apple ID. It’s a completely different ball game. For more information, see the tutorial on switching countries in the App Store.

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