Face ID on iPhone is a very secure form of biometrics. It’s also super fast and you can easily unlock your device. However, wearing a face mask to fight COVID-19 has no choice but to revert to using its slow and tedious device passcode. You’re crazy, right?

Apple knows that. That’s why Face ID provides a way to unlock your iPhone, whether or not you’re wearing a mask. The catch is that you need an Apple Watch. Quick Note: Currently, this is just for unlocking the iPhone and cannot be used to unlock apps that depend on Face ID.

Apple Watch on unlocked screen

How to unlock your iPhone using Face ID with the mask turned on

You don’t have to keep punching your iPhone’s 4-6 digit device passcode over and over again while wearing the face mask. If you’re also using an Apple Watch and both devices are running at least iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4, you can revert to using Face ID even if you cover your face. This is how it works.

Whenever you hold your iPhone over Face ID, the infrared sensor next to the forward-looking camera activates to try to identify you. If successful, the device will be unlocked. If it fails, it skips the passcode and communicates with your Apple Watch instead.

As long as your Apple Watch is passcode-protected, unlocked, and secured to your wrist, Face ID considers it you and grants you access to your iPhone. It’s fast and takes only a moment compared to unlocking your device with Face ID alone. You won’t notice the difference.

Unlocked Apple Watchc

It raises multiple security-related concerns. However, Apple has designed Face ID to work with the Apple Watch in a way that minimizes the possibility of someone else accessing the iPhone without permission.

  • You must use a passcode-protected Apple Watch.
  • Before you can use your device to authenticate your iPhone, you’ll need to strap your Apple Watch around your wrist to unlock it. Make sure your watch is nearby using a built-in feature called wrist detection.
  • You’ll also need to use Face ID or its passcode to unlock your iPhone each time you strap your Apple Watch to your wrist, for example when you leave home.
  • The Apple Watch will notify you by tapping your wrist, followed by Face ID when it unlocks your device.For notifications Lock iPhone An option that allows you to tap to lock your device if someone else succeeds in unlocking your iPhone without your knowledge.
  • If the iPhone detects a sudden move from the Apple Watch, the iPhone will fall back to the passcode request.
  • Apple Watch cannot see Apple Pay transactions or provide access to Face ID-protected apps.

How to allow your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone with Face ID

The ability for Face ID to unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch isn’t active by default. You’ll need to look up the Face ID and passcode settings on your iOS device and turn them on manually.

If you’re having trouble performing the steps below, go to “Can’t you activate your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone?” See the Workaround section and try again.

1. Open setting The app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap Face ID and passcode..

3. Enter the device passcode.

Visual instructions on how to enable Face ID on your Apple Watch

4. Scroll down Unlock on Apple Watch section.Then turn on the switch next to it [Your name]Apple Watch..

Apple Watch toggle

5. Tap turn on..

6. Exit the Settings app.

How to turn on the mask and unlock your iPhone using Face ID

Now you’re ready to unlock your iPhone with Face ID, even if you’re wearing a face mask. The following steps shall demonstrate that.

1. Secure your Apple Watch to your wrist with a strap. Then tap the watch face and enter your watchOS passcode.

2. Unlock your iPhone once using Face ID (if you haven’t worn the mask yet) or your device’s passcode.

Enter the passcode screen on your watch

3. After locking, try unlocking your iPhone by turning on the face mask. Your iPhone will be instantly authenticated and unlocked via your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch taps your wrist to display a labeled notification [Your Name]IPhone unlocked by this Apple Watch..Tap Lock iPhone Options if you unintentionally unlock your iOS device (or if someone else unlocks it without your permission).

Apple Watch unlocked notification

When you remove your Apple Watch and strap it back in, you’ll need to unlock your iPhone as usual before you can access your device with Face ID while wearing your face mask.

Can’t I activate my Apple Watch to unlock my iPhone?This is what to do

iPhone and Apple Watch must be running iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 or later. Otherwise, you will not be able to turn on masks to activate features that can use Face ID. Even if you have the latest versions of iOS and watchOS installed, it’s a good idea to check for updates. It often contains improvements and fixes for known issues.

Also, your Apple Watch must be passcode-protected and wrist detection must be running. You can verify that everything is working properly by following the steps below.

Update iPhone

1. Open setting The app on your iPhone.

2. Tap Universal..

3. Tap Software update..

4. Wait for iPhone to finish scanning for new software updates.

5. Tap Download and install..

Visual instructions on how to update your iPhone

Update your Apple Watch

1. Open clock The app on your iPhone.

2. Tap Universal..

3. Tap Software update..

4. Wait for the iPhone to finish scanning for new watchOS updates.

5. Tap Download and install..

Visual instructions on how to update your Apple Watch

Add a passcode to your Apple Watch

1. Press Digital crown On your Apple Watch, tap setting..

2. Scroll down and tap passcode..

3. Tap Turn on passcode.. Next, set your passcode.

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<h4><strong>Enable wrist detection on your Apple Watch</strong></h4>
<p>1. Press <strong>Digital crown</strong> Tap on iPhone <strong>setting</strong>..</p>
<p>2. Scroll down and tap <strong>passcode</strong>..</p>
<p>3. Scroll down the screen and turn on the switch next to it <strong>Wrist detection</strong>..</p>
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<h2>Face ID with Apple Watch: Safe and secure</h2>
<p>Unlocking your iPhone on your Apple Watch saves you the trouble of using a passcode, but there’s another reason to keep your face mask in public. </p>
<p>Any Apple Watch that supports watchOS 7.4 or later should work. So if you don’t have one yet, it’s a much cheaper solution than switching to an iPhone with Touch ID, for example.  Apple Watch also has many health-related benefits and is well worth the investment.</p>
<p><span class=

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