The iPhone is a very stable mobile device, but it can crash for many reasons. Bugy iOS releases, old third-party apps, and corrupted system settings are just a few of them.

If your iPhone crashes, you may see a black screen with rotating circles when the system software tries to recover automatically. However, it may fail and the same screen will continue to be displayed indefinitely.

IPhone stuck on a black screen with a loading circle

Forcibly restarting will fix it when the iPhone gets stuck on a black screen with a load circle. If that doesn’t work, you should use recovery mode or DFU mode to fix the problem.

Force restart iPhone

A forced restart (or hard reset) requires a shutdown and power back to the iPhone’s internal circuitry. This will prompt the device to reboot automatically regardless of the state of the system software. You can trigger a forced restart by pressing or holding a set of buttons or a set of buttons that change depending on the iPhone model.

In most cases, forcibly restarting your iPhone is a surefire way to get rid of the black screen due to road circle issues. You can also fix other issues such as iPhone getting stuck in Apple logo and iPhone displaying white screen.

After performing a forced reboot, the iPhone should (hopefully) load iOS without any problems. You can then enter the device passcode to access the home screen.

iPhone 8 series, iPhone X, and later

For iPhone 8 series, iPhone X, and later iPhone models with Face ID or Touch ID, you need to press the following buttons in the correct order.

1. Press quickly volume up Press and release the button.

2. Press quickly Volume down Press and release the button.

3. Press and hold immediately ~ side button. Then release as soon as you see the Apple logo on your screen.

Apple logo

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus only

If you are using an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus Volume down When ~ side Press the buttons at the same time and release the button when you see the Apple logo on the screen.

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and earlier

For iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and earlier iPhone models, press and hold both. House And that ~ side/ /Up Press the button until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

Use recovery mode

If your iPhone is forced to restart and you still see a black screen with a loading circle, your system software may be corrupted. To fix this, you need to reinstall or reset iOS in recovery mode.

I’ve covered everything you need to know to start and use recovery mode on your iPhone in another post, but I’ll briefly explain it.

1. Start by connecting your iPhone to your Mac or PC via USB.

2. Open finder Also iTunes On a Mac or PC.

2. Press the Force Restart button on your iPhone model, but keep pressing it after the Apple logo appears. Immediately you will see the recovery mode screen on both your iPhone and your Mac / PC.

Recovery mode screen

Once in recovery mode, you have two options: update iOS or restore factory settings.

Update iOS

If you select recovery mode, iPhone will reinstall the latest version of iOS without data loss. You have to shoot it first.

Update iOS button

select update Prompts your Mac or PC to download the latest copy of your iPhone’s system software from your Apple server. Then follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall iOS.

Restore iPhone

Restoring your iPhone in recovery mode will reset your device to factory settings. Your data will be lost, but you can get it back via iCloud or Finder / iTunes backup after the reset procedure.

Restore and update button

You only need to restore your iPhone if updating iOS doesn’t fix the black screen due to road circle Restore iPhone >> >> Restore and update Reset the device.

Use DFU mode

DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode wipes both the system software and the iPhone firmware (programming that makes the hardware work) and then reinstalls from the beginning. It should only be used if recovery mode cannot resolve the black screen due to load circle issues.

To enter DFU mode, you need to press a complex set of buttons while your iPhone is connected to your Mac or PC. For more information, we encourage you to review this post on getting started and using DFU mode on your iPhone.

Once in DFU mode, there is only one option. That is, restore your iPhone to factory Restore iPhone Your Mac or PC will automatically download and install the latest version of iOS, including the device’s firmware.

iPhone restore button

Again, you will lose your data, but once your iPhone starts working properly, you can get it back later via iCloud or iTunes / Finder backup.

Tips for avoiding black screens with rotating circle problems

If it helps to force a restart of your iPhone or update it in recovery mode, you can minimize the chance of the same problem reoccurring with the pointers below.

Keep iOS up to date

The new iOS update includes a number of stability fixes and enhancements. If you haven’t updated your iPhone recently, go to the following URL: setting >> >> Universal >> >> Software update Install pending updates.

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<h4><strong>Update third party apps</strong></h4>
<p>If your iPhone crashes and gets stuck when using a third-party app, try applying the latest app updates.Press and hold to do this <strong>App Store</strong> Icon, select <strong>update</strong>,Choose <strong>Update all</strong>..</p>
<h4><strong>Free up internal storage</strong></h4>
<p>The iPhone can also get stuck on a black screen with a loading circle when it’s about to run out of storage. </p>
<p>Move to <strong>setting </strong>>> >> <strong>Universal </strong>>> >> <strong>iPhone storage</strong> Use various storage recommendations (video deletion, iMessage attachments, etc.) to free up space. You can also remove or offload unwanted apps to reduce other storage on your iPhone.</p>
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Storage recommendations

Downgrade to a stable channel

If you are using the beta version of iOS, you should expect your system software to crash frequently. Downgrade to a stable channel and work in your favor. To downgrade iOS you need to:

Reset all settings

Resetting the iPhone settings will help you to deal with the corrupted configuration behind the black screen due to the spinning circle issue.Move to setting >> >> Universal >> >> reset Choose Reset all settings Perform a configuration reset.

Reset all settings button

Factory reset iPhone

If your iPhone still doesn’t work after a crash, you’ll need to reset your device to factory settings. You can then use the backup to restore the data.

First, make a backup of iCloud or Finder / iTunes. next, setting >> >> Universal >> >> reset Choose Erase all content and settings Reset your iPhone to factory default.

iPhone is fully loaded

Forcing an iPhone restart or restore in recovery / DFU mode will fix the black screen due to load circle issues. Be sure to check the pointer above to avoid recurring problems.

However, if none of the fixes help, you’ll need to take your iPhone to the Genius Bar or Apple Store for assistance.

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