Smartwatches are rather ingenious little devices that serve a greater purpose than your typical watch. An Apple Watch gives you a multitude of apps that provide ways to enhance your newly purchased multipurpose gadget.

There are many workout apps available to track your calorie-burning activities such as running, swimming, and cycling. Other similar apps will help you count your steps throughout the day. Some that can help with managing daily tasks and keeping a record of passwords and other information that you may have a hard time remembering.

Those who also have an iPhone will find that it can sync with your Apple Watch to allow for additional interaction. Some apps require you to already use them on your iPhone.

The same can be said for additional accessories like the Apple Watch speaker which can be used as a personal music player. Listen to your favorite podcasts at work or put on a pair of Bluetooth headphones and hit the jogging track.

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As you can see, you will get a lot of use from an Apple Watch. So, to avoid wasting time, it is important to know which apps are the best.

Passwords, data organization and task management apps

Apple Watch with Google Authenticator on the screen

1Password is incredibly useful for anyone using two-factor authentication. This app will display a one-time passkey for you to use whenever it’s needed if you don’t have your iPhone readily available.

Cheatsheet app windows

Cheatsheet is a note-taking app that allows you to jot down useful information on a daily basis. Things like Wi-Fi passwords and lock combinations can be stored with relative ease for later use. You can also add a familiar icon, such as a lock or car, next to the information to remind you what it refers to.

Things app advertisement

Things is an intuitive task management tool that will always keep you updated on what you need to do during the day. You have the option to sync this app from your Apple Watch to your iPhone, so whenever you mark a task as completed, it will appear as such on the other side.

You will see all the tasks due for the day and you will be able to browse the calendar to check all the tasks for the next few days that you have organized.

This app isn’t free and will make you a one-time purchase of $ 10. But for those who tend to need a helpful reminder, it’s a small price to pay.

App for monitoring physical activity

Strava app windows

Strava is an app that tracks your training sessions, including how long and how often your exercises are performed. The app will allow you to save the data of each session and synchronize it with your account on other devices. This is particularly useful as the Apple Watch version only has the basics of what the smartphone version has.

You will be able to see your current heart rate and also receive an alert if the app determines that you should slow down to get back into the rhythm.

On iPhone, you can add additional information to saved sessions such as equipment used and your GPS location at the start and end of the session.

Activity Tracker pedometer windows

ActivityTracker Pedometer is another great physical activity tracker. Instead of focusing solely on training, it lends itself to those who want to calculate the steps taken throughout the day. This includes distance, time, calories burned, and other information that may be relevant.

You can set goals and track all your activities in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly increments. There is also an option to import data from other devices so that you have the entire app history available on your Apple Watch.

App for music and quality of life

Cloudy app display screens

If podcasts are your thing, the Overcast app for Apple Watch now lets you browse and control podcast playback right from your watch. You can skip back and forth between episodes, without the interface feeling overly crowded.

You can sync all the episodes you’ve downloaded to another device, right to your Apple Watch. This will allow you to listen to the podcast directly from the watch with Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Screenshots of the CalcLite PC app

A little odd, but the Apple Watch doesn’t come with a built-in calculator. Fortunately, PC CalcLite is a totally free calculation tool with all the necessary features you will need. Well, mainly.

The app lacks some features normally found in other premium calculator apps. However, unless you’re trying some serious math equations, it offers just enough to satisfy.

Spark app advertisement

Spark is one of the best email apps available for Apple Watch. It tries – and succeeds – to keep things simple, choosing to focus solely on email for better email management on a smaller screen.

Spark uses the same intelligent mail sorting found on the iPhone version and streams it to the Apple Watch. Each category in your inbox has a large colored button that lights up whenever a relevant message is received.

In addition to categories, you’ll see your entire inbox, blocked emails, your archive, and sent messages just like you would have used an iPhone.

Do you consider yourself a big buyer? The Deliveries app will allow you to see a list of packages you can expect to receive. This includes the total remaining days until arrival, the current location of the package, its status, and a map of that location in case you think a picture speaks louder than words.

The slight drawback is that you will only be able to deliver through the iPhone app. The Apple Watch app acts more as a quick checker, which might come in handy during the holidays.

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