Are you using the latest and greatest gadgets, or are you waiting for the era of foldable phones? What do people see when they look at your lock screen? The backgrounds and images you choose to display on your phone speak volume about your senses of self.

If you’re looking for a change, we’ve put together a list of the best iPhone lock screens you’ve found after searching for the coolest graphics on the web. Backgrounds are categorized by style and category, so you can easily find the one that suits your personality.

Those who have an iPhone


The “get up and hustle” lifestyle begins the moment you get out of bed. Whether you’re the latest type or the more comfortable type, the first image you see in the morning sets the tone for the day. For most people, it’s the iPhone lock screen.

Will not solve

This photo by Ryan Riggins says it all: Never calm down. The image is minimal, but it reminds me of the meaning behind it. It contains all the messages of getting up, drinking coffee and getting to work. Only the best one will solve it.

Never calm down, love what you do, do what you love, and dumbbell lock screen

Love what you do and do what you love

There is a saying, “Love what you are doing, and you will never work a day in your life.” This iPhone lock screen reminds you every time you look at your phone. This image by Nick Fewings can summarize your thinking.


Workouts are the key to a healthy life and productivity, but sometimes we all need to be reminded. This photo by someone Logan Weaver preparing to lift the dumbbells is a great way to remind you to wear running shoes and get trained.


Few lock screens are as calm as the image of nature. The natural scene provides a short rest from the stress of the day every time you look at your cell phone. Here are three of the best we have found.

River surrounded by rocks

This photo by Daniel Malikyar depicts a river flowing through a narrow valley full of greenery. The scene is beautiful, calm and perfect for phone backgrounds.

Rocky rivers, golden hour clouds, boardwalks near mountain rock screens

Clouds during the golden hour

Think of the last time you boarded an airplane at sunset. You can lean forward and look out the window to see the sun shine on the clouds around you. It can make you feel very small and very peaceful, all at the same time. This image by Tom Barrett captures the same sensation.

A person walking on a wooden path near a mountain

Hiking is fascinating. Especially if you are the only one who is miles away. It makes you feel more connected to the world around you. The mountains in the distance give you the feeling of working for something. This image by Nik Shuliahin is the first motivational photo to see in the morning.

Geek culture

These backgrounds show the three most popular franchises on the planet: Donkey Kong, Pokemon and Star Wars. Is there a better way to show off fandom than using your favorite series of iPhone lock screens? It should be noted that all of these images are designed for AMOLED displays that take advantage of the heavy use of black in the images.

3D Donkey Kong

From Reddit user biggary1972, this background takes a classic Donkey Kong game and puts it in an impressive 3D perspective. With an eerie and striking atmosphere, the classic Mario vs. Kong scenario is a bit grainier, but it looks great.

Lock screen for the rise of 3D Donkey Kong, Lizardon, Venosur, Kamex, and Skywalker

Lizardon, Benosaurus, Blastoise

Yet another piece of Reddit user biggary1972, this background looks like a Zen-influenced stained glass window. Three first-generation starter Pokemon swirl with each other. Don’t be surprised if you want to play Pokemon again after seeing this. Select Charmander as the starter.

Rise of Skywalker

Regardless of your feelings about the movie Rise of Skywalker Had a really great cinematography. This background shows an X wing against a black sky background, pointing all enemy forces down alone. It’s an impressive background that every Star Wars fan is proud of his cell phone.


Animals bring peace and tranquility to our daily lives. What’s better than snorting a cat at the end of a stressful day? These three lock screens are perfect for those who love animals.


Sea Life is fascinating, but dolphins belong to their own league. They are intelligent, witty, and often human-friendly. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to swim with dolphins? This iPhone lock screen from SW Yang reminds you of the chance to swim with these amazing animals someday.

Lock screen for dolphins, gray tabby kittens, and dogs with flowers

Gray tabby kitten

Everyone loves kittens, and why don’t you? They are cute, playful, curious and a source of endless entertainment when starring in YouTube videos. This background by Daniel Octavian will bring a smile to your face whenever you see it.

Dog with flowers

There is a fierce battle on the internet as to whether dogs or cats are better. This photo by Richard Bultio shows a lovely dog ​​with a flower in his mouth. Do you have a really good photo to choose for your phone?


Universe-The Last Frontier. These iPhone lock screens are perfect for those who love space and astronomy, or those who love the mysterious sensations that come from the vast unknown world.

All objects of the solar system

This background is great for Amoled screens. From Reddit user The Unchained Zebra, this shows all objects in our solar system on a black background.

All objects in the solar system, galaxies in the night sky, shooting stars lock the screen

Galaxy in the night sky

This photo by Global Pixxel shows a star-filled sky at the top of a mountain. It’s difficult to capture such an image, but if done well, there are few other such images.

shooting star

If you remember the old Windows screensaver that coasts the stars, this lock screen will bring back memories. It is a time-lapse of stars moving in the night sky, but it gives the illusion of falling toward the photograph. Casey Horner captured this shot for Unsplash.

Find the best iPhone lock screen

You can use any of the above sources to find an iPhone lock screen that suits your personality and taste. Whether you’re a fan of animals, outer space or sports, your cell phone is a direct reflection of yourself, so find a lock screen that will make you smile.

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