Are you tired of typing all the ideas in your mind? You can use voice to dictate notes and documents on your device. These dictation apps for iPhone convert your voice into on-screen text in real time.

For people with disabilities, the voice dictation app provides accessibility features that allow you to operate your device without much hassle. For example, if you can’t use your hands, you can talk to the dictation app to transcribe articles, meeting minutes, and other documents.

This review focused on the best dictation apps for converting voice to text on iPhone.

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The best dictation app for iPhone

The Dictation app on iPhone is not available in all languages ​​and may have different features available. For some iPhone users, the app may not appear at all in some countries or regions.

For these reasons, it’s easier to use a third-party dictation app that’s available in multiple languages, countries, or regions and has more features. This is our top pick.

1.1. Copy

Transcription is a popular dictation app that allows you to create high quality transcriptions without delay between your speeches and transcriptions. The app is equipped with artificial intelligence and provides almost instant transcription of voice memos and videos.

This app does not have a recording function, but you can create voice memos from your iPhone. You can then export the transcription to a word processor for editing, or export it to a cloud storage app such as Dropbox.

Transcribe the app window

Transcribe can turn videos and voice memos into transcriptions in over 120 different dialects and languages.

Transcribe isn’t 100% accurate (it has a 90% accuracy rate), but it’s cheaper to use than paying a human transcriber. Record up to 15 minutes of voice-to-character conversion with a free trial, or buy longer recording time if the app is convenient.

2.2. Evernote

Evernote is a robust note-taking app with simple voice recognition.

You can use voice to input or record voice directly into the app. Simply tap the microphone on your iPhone keyboard to start talking and your iPhone will convert the voice to text.

The app’s AI technology will automatically generate a speech transcript. This is useful if you want to organize your documents and notes. You can increase your productivity by sharing your notes and collaborating with others on your documents.

Evernote app screen

In addition, if you access the transcription from any location or device, you can sync between the devices.

Evernote is a free app that can be used on an unlimited number of devices. You can buy different levels of storage and upload more transcriptions and notes to your app.

3.3. Just press Record

Just press the record and you can dictate anything and copy it into the text. Whether you want to enter a simple idea on your iPhone or record it for later use, the app helps.

You can record your notes using your iPhone’s built-in or external microphone. The app’s powerful transcription service converts voice to text.

In addition, you can save the file to your iPhone or iCloud and access it from any device.

Just press Record App Screen

Get unlimited recording time and support for over 30 languages. This makes Just Press Record a great app to use if you’re working abroad or with an international team.

The app also provides punctuation command recognition so you can transcribe without typos. When your notes are ready, you can share your text or audio files with other iOS apps to organize your recordings and view them in a comprehensive file.

4.4. Nuance of Dragon Anywhere

Dragon for the desktop was one of the original programs for converting speech to text, so you’ve probably already heard of it. They also have an app now. Dragon Anywhere is a fast and accurate dictation app that allows you to post text from speech or uploaded audio files.

The app has no time or length limits, so you can talk as much as you like. In addition, you can fill out forms on the go and navigate by field using voice commands.

Dragon’s powerful customization options further improve the accuracy of your instructions. You can also create simple voice commands to insert standard phrases in document and email signatures.

Dragon Anywhere

The dictation app’s robust audio formatting and editing features allow you to select sentences or words to edit, modify, or delete. You can also apply bold or underlined formatting to your document.

Once your document is ready, you can import and export it to and from note-taking apps such as Evernote and cloud-based document sharing tools.

The main limitation when using Dragon is that dictation is restricted within the Dragon app, so you can’t dictate directly in another app. However, you can copy text from Dragon’s dictation pad to a third-party app.

5.5. Temi Recorder and Transcriber

Temi dictates, records, and transcribes notes, lectures, or meeting notes in minutes.

The app provides real-time live transcription during dictation or recording through world-class AI speech recognition technology. You can organize, edit, and share your recordings with others.

You can also use unlimited voice recordings for free. If you need to select an incoming call, it will be paused automatically and the recording will be restored automatically when you close the app.

Temi Recorder and Transcriber app

Temi is a useful dictation app when you need to dictate and post files quickly and cheaply. In addition, you can click anywhere in the transcript to hear the audio for that segment and enter corrections as needed.

Once you’ve edited the transcript, you can download it to your iPhone as a Word document, text file, or PDF document. You can also share it by link or email.

Save time on posting

The dictation app is a great way to quickly write down random thoughts and ideas, compared to the otherwise tedious task of typing everything.

Check out other guides on how to use voice dictation in Google Docs and how to enable voice-to-text voice on Android.

Do you have a favorite dictation app for iPhone? Please let us know in the comments.

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