How to manually change the date and time on your iPhone

By design, iPhone automatically uses a combination of GPS and cellular services to display the correct date and time. This is very useful if you travel a lot or live in an area with daylight savings time (DST). However, you can also manually adjust both the date and time on your iOS device if you prefer.

Perhaps that’s because the time is displayed incorrectly on the device (this happens, but rarely). Or you may want to advance the clock a few minutes and trick yourself into punctuality. Anyway, the following steps show you how to manually change the date and time on your iPhone.

How to manually change the date and time on your iPhone

You can manually change the date, time and time zone on your iPhone by navigating to the date and time management screen in the Settings app.

1. Open setting The app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap Universal..

3. Tap Date Time..

4. Turn off the switch on the side Automatic setting..

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<p><strong>Note:</strong> If Auto Settings is grayed out, go to the next section to find out how to fix it.</p>
<p>5. Tap <strong>Time zone</strong> To search for and switch to another time zone.Then tap <strong>Current date and time</strong> Use the date picker and the time scroll wheel to manually adjust both.</p>
<p><strong>warning:</strong> If you set a date and time outside the selected time zone, some apps and services may malfunction.</p>
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<p>When you’re done changing the date and time on your iPhone, tap <strong>Universal </strong>Move to the upper left[日付と時刻]Exit the screen.</p>
<h2><span class=Is the “Set automatically” toggle grayed out?Try these fixes

If the Auto Settings toggle is grayed out and locked in your iPhone’s date and time settings, you can’t change it manually unless you find a way to turn it off. Please follow the suggestions below. Then you should be able to do that.

Delete screen time passcode

iPhone has a built-in feature called screen time that helps you impose app restrictions and monitor device usage. However, if you have already activated it and protected it with a passcode (called a screen time passcode), the device may be forced to lock the “automatic” switch in place. The only way to organize it is to turn off the screen time passcode.

1. Open your iPhone setting App.

2. Select Screening time..

3. Scroll down and tap Change screen time passcode..

4. Tap Turn off the screen time passcode..

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<p>5. Enter the screen time passcode to authenticate the action.</p>
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Please enter your screen time passcode

Note: If you can’t remember your screen time passcode, tap Forgot your passcode? Reset using your Apple ID credentials.

Return to 6. setting >> >> Universal >> >> Date Time..Next switch Automatic setting Probably now active. In that case, turn it off and adjust. Once that is done, you can always set a new passcode.

Disable screen time

If turning off the screen time passcode has no effect, try disabling screen time altogether. You can make it relatively fast.

1. Open setting App and tap Screening time..

2. Scroll down and tap Turn off screen time..

3. Tap Turn off screen time confirm one more time.

Turn off screen time confirmation

When you have finished changing the date and time on your iPhone, set the screen time again.

Disable location services

The iPhone depends partially on GPS to set the time automatically. This can lock the Auto Set switch in place unless you disable the corresponding setting within the device’s location services.

1. Open setting App and tap privacy..

2. Tap Location-based services..Then scroll down and tap System service..

3. Turn off the switch on the side Time zone setting..

[設定]>[プライバシー]>[位置情報サービス]>[システムサービス]>[タイムゾーンの設定]Is turned off” class =”wp-image-13293″ srcset =” 680w, / 06-Disable-Location-Services-300×270.png 300w,×548.png 610w, https: / /×50.png 56w” sizes =”(max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px”/></figure>
<p>If you still can’t work with the “automatic settings” toggle, proceed to the rest of the fix.</p>
<h4><span class=Restart your iPhone

The “Auto Set” switch may appear dim due to a bug in the system software. Restarting your iPhone may resolve the issue.

1. Open setting App and tap Universal >> >> shut down..

2. Drag Power Turn off your iPhone with the icon on the right.

Slide to turn off the screen

3. Wait at least 30 seconds, ~ side Click the button to restart your device.

Update carrier settings

Your mobile operator may have restricted you from changing the time settings on your iPhone. If so, you can’t do anything about it. However, you can check if there are any pending carrier setting updates that might activate the ability to set the time manually. It’s a long shot, but it’s still worth a try.

1. Open setting going to Universal >> >> about..

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<p>2. Wait at least 30 seconds.</p>
<p>3. If you receive it <strong>Update carrier settings</strong> In the meantime, display the prompt and tap <strong>update</strong>..</p>
<h4><span class=Update system software

Applying the latest system software updates to your iPhone can fix a known bug that causes the Automate switch to go dark.

1. Open setting Go to the app Universal >> >> Software update.

2. Wait for the iPhone to finish scanning for new updates.

3. Tap Download and install Update iOS to the latest version.

General> Software Updates> Download and Installation ” class =”wp-image-13296″ srcset =” 608w, /09-Update-iOS-178×300.jpg 178w,×1028.jpg 610w, https://www.switchingtomac .com / wp-content / uploads / 2021/07 / 09-Update-iOS-30×50.jpg 30w, jpg 680w” sizes =”(max-width: 608px) 100vw, 608px”/></figure>
<h4><span class=Reset all settings

If none of the above fixes fail, try resetting all settings on your iPhone.This may help fix the underlying issue behind the grayed out “automatically set” switch.

1. Open setting going to Universal >> >> reset..

2. Tap Reset all settings..

3. Enter your device passcode and tap Reset all settings confirm one more time.

Reset all settings

After the reset procedure[日付と時刻]Access the pane to see if you can make manual adjustments. You should probably be able to do that. However, you will also need to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and reconfigure your device from scratch.

Don’t forget to make regular adjustments

It’s okay to change the time manually on your iPhone, but don’t forget to adjust it regularly according to your time zone. If you start to have problems with your app or service, you should either allow the device itself to set the time automatically or do your best to fix it yourself.

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